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    June 13, 2013

    Very nice article. I certainly appreciate this site.


  2. Maggie Scofield
    March 22, 2015

    New roof dilemma - Need your help again, Tim!

    You help so well with my oven exhaust fan question, I'm going to ask for your mercy again with a new roof dilemma. We need to replace the 20+ year old roof on our home. Building construction has changed a lot in these years. We live in Raleigh, NC, and are getting a 50-year architectural roof (TimberlineHD) installed. We have had 2 different roofers tell us 2 different things about our two roof fans (one is solar, one is electric). One roofer said he wanted to replace both of the fans (for an extra cost, of course), and one said that since we're having soffit vents and new ridge vents installed (we don't have soffit vents now), we actually don't need the fans, and they could possibly even draw outside air back into the attic. I've read your articles, and other than knowing you're a big fan of ventilation, I can't seem to figure out for myself if fan make sense in our situation. I am concerned about drawing air back into the attic, particularly in the humid summer months. We have a story-and-a-half house with a shaded back yard and some shade in the front.

    My husband is a schoolteacher, so we need to not spend any more on this than we have to, but we want to do the right thing, as well. We could really use your expertise again! Thanks so much.

    • Tim Carter
      March 22, 2015


      Please go read all my past columns on Turbine Vents. You know, the whirlybirds. READ ALL OF THEM.

      Your answer lies there!

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