Backfilling a Foundation Wall

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  1. Zola Kirk
    July 22, 2014

    I am having a house built financed through USDA, what they call a self-help house. I am concerned about the backfill of my foundation. The house is on a 10% grade. In the back it is 7 cinder blocks high. They have filled it in with plain dirt not sand. The house is to be built on a concrete slab, no crawl space. I had requested stained concrete floors and was told no because living in AR there will be settling issues and cracks in the concrete. I feel the issue is the fact that the backfill is dirt not sand or Donnafill. The house is built outside city limits. If it had been inside city limits it would be required to use sand for the fill according to ICC code. I need some expert advice.

    • Tim Carter
      July 23, 2014

      If you need expert advice, then you'll understand why I created my 15-Minute Phone consult. Hire me.

  2. John
    January 13, 2015

    We have a concrete slab at grade that is cracking, terribly uneven and requires us to shim furniture. A concrete expert told us this is due to improper backfill or compaction of backfill. What is your opinion?

    • Tim Carter
      January 14, 2015

      I'd have to inspect the site, I'd have to look at soil maps, I'd have to know if the site was a previous gully filled in, etc. The SAD thing is that if the slab had had #4 bars in it both directions 24 inches on center, it wouldn't be an issue. If some of the subgrade was poorly compacted it would settle and the concrete slab would SPAN the void just like concrete decks do over large bridge steel beams. You drive UNDER these bridges all the time and the concrete doesn't crash down on you.

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