Brick Leaks

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  1. Rita Dametto
    July 15, 2012

    I would like to know the names of brick repellents for crumbling red brick
    If I use the repellents on the outside wall; how do I apply to already paints walls on the inside walls. Trying to drill out holes on the inside building to attach false wall but find the bricks are crumbling when trying to drill through.
    Any suggestion . Thanks Rita

    • Tim Carter
      January 11, 2013

      Rita, you need to schedule a 15-Minute call with me. There's simply too much to talk about and type.

  2. tony salino
    October 30, 2012


    I have leaks coming into my brick in my attic. There is too much mortar on the back of the brick and very little tar paper. The water is going through the brick over the large deposits of mortar and into my house. I have a guy who wants to apply some kind of fiberglass mortar (or something ) to the inside (which is my attic) and then put up tyvec or tar paper. He advised that after this he would repoint the walls on the outside. What are your thoughts?

    • Tim Carter
      January 6, 2013

      Tony, your question requires lots of typing, plus I have some questions for you so I can give you the correct answer(s). I only do pithy answers here in the comment section. If you want to protect the investment you have in your house and not waste time or money *hoping* you make the right decision, you should talk to me on the phone for just 15 minutes. It'll be the best investment you've ever made in your home!

  3. Al Falk
    January 22, 2013

    I have a garage with brick veneer that leaks into the garage from under the sill plate. The brick is below grade level which I think is the problem. Regrading really isnt an option. Is there a way to pull the dirt away where the brick meets the footing, place a waterproofing material at the seam then back fill? If so can you recommend a waterproofing material?

  4. Kittywu
    April 27, 2013

    Brick leaking can be resolved by wrap the house? Which material is the best choice ,of course ,not very expensive.

  5. ivanchiasson
    December 8, 2013

    I like your material very much....

  6. mrs loud
    December 29, 2013

    with all the winds and rain i have rain coming in my porch on each corner,is there anything i can paint on

    • Tim Carter
      December 31, 2013

      No. You need to stop the water the correct way. Paint is not the answer. Consider doing a 500-Second phone consult with me.

  7. Joe McCorry
    January 26, 2014

    I have a 1980s detached brick built house. In 2011 I had cavity wall insulation installed,since the New Year when we have experience
    wind driven rain the south facing wall has allowed water to leak into the conservatory over the back door and window lintel in several places through the brickwork. The same appears to be happening over the exposed windows. Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. Brent Lord
    September 18, 2014

    Our house is all brick built in 1985

    When it rains I have a 5 X 9 foot section where all exterior bricks are wet . This section of brick is between two sliding doors leading out to a concrete patio in our basement. A couple of years ago we replaced the carpet in that basement and I did not see any water damage on the concrete floor.

    Over the past year, the section of brick that becomes wet is increasing. It is not getting any wider and stops right before it reaches either of the sliding doors. But, it is getting higher and starting to reach up to the first floor brick in that area. We have a wooden porch coming out from the brick wall above this area but I have always kept it heavily caulked where the porch attaches into the brick wall.

    The brick and mortar looks to be in pretty good shape.

    What do you think? Do you think a water repellant might fix this?

    • Tim Carter
      September 18, 2014

      Read all of my past columns about Brick Veneer Water Leaks. You'll know what to do then!

  9. Rob Larsen
    November 3, 2014

    We installed 80 brick mailboxes in our neighborhood. There is door, but no mailbox insert (just concrete). We get wet mail from condensation.

    THe opening is 7 by 7 inch and I wondering what is best option to tackle this. Tried to find 7 by 7 mailbox insert, but can't find. thoughts to eliminate wet mail due to moisture in brick unit?

    • Tim Carter
      November 4, 2014

      You're NOT going to stop condensation.... Read all about WHY here at my website. Type "condensation" into my search engine.

  10. paul
    January 25, 2015

    Hi ive just taken my skirtin.boards of and noticed on my main back wall were the wall meets the floor there are wet patches and i dont no what to do

  11. Angie
    April 9, 2015

    I live in a home built around 1890. When there is substantial rain or snow melt, I can actually see the areas where water is coming in around the bricks in our basement "walls."

  12. Olav
    October 17, 2015

    Just bought a house with brick veneer. The 6 inch thick concrete driveway have been cast against the wall covering well above any weep holes. Any suggestion how to best fix this?

  13. Kyle McDermot
    November 19, 2015

    My back yard has a red brick wall that is firmly on my land. Sometime in the past (before I bought the house) my neighbor built a garage/ in-laws apartment using the brick wall as one of the walls of the house. Now they are getting water inside their in-law house where a 30foot tree has grown close to the wall. Needless to say they want to cut down the tree to fix the wall. My question is can they fix the wall from their side by breaking loose the two layers of brick from their side and then re-doing to mortar work for the impacted area's? Or is there another solution that can be done without cutting down the tree.

    Thank you

  14. Jenny
    January 12, 2016

    I am looking to buy a house that has a concrete patio above the garage. The patio has brick pavers. During a heavy rain, water leaks through the patio into the garage. Is this going to be a costly repair?

  15. Walt Miller
    October 11, 2016

    Thanks, Tim. I have done a lot if searching about the leaks from the top of my windows (brick exterior) with no good explanations until I stumbled on yours. Thanks.

  16. Dominic Boudreaux
    December 25, 2016

    Hello, I have leaks in the mortar joints surrounding exterior lights that were installed. The interior of the wall has been foam insulated so I can't tell how large the compromised area is without ripping out the foam. Any way to test this from the outside? Best way to fix?

  17. Musetta So
    January 30, 2017

    Hi Tim- we have brick steps at the front of our house. Certain bricks are always wet even on days when it isn't raining or hasn't rained in a while. Is it possible that there is a leak somewhere or is it normal?

    • Tim Carter
      January 30, 2017

      I doubt it. If you use salt on the brick to melt ice, it could be an accumulation of salt within the brick or mortar. Salt is hygroscopic.

      • Musetta
        January 30, 2017

        We live in California where it doesn't snow so it wouldn't be related to salt. Could there really be that much moisture under the steps?

      • Tim Carter
        January 30, 2017

        Salt in the mortar. Salt in the clay of the brick. READ this past column. Do NOT skim it - really read and comprehend it:

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