Building Stairs

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  1. Philip
    December 16, 2013

    I ripped out my old carpeted staircase except for the stringers and am putting down new stained treads and painted risers. I've run into an issue as I do on every project I do in my house. The house has settled at the point of the staircase. The floor tilts left to right and so do the stringers (about 5/8" on a 4' run). Funny, I've walked up and down them for 5 years and never noticed. I could jack up the house at that point but I'm afraid I'll create more problems with cracked ceiling, walls, etc. So my question is do I simply run treads and risers on the unlevel stringers or do I put in new level stringers? My fear is that the level staircase will look at odds with the contour of the unlevel floor around the staircase. Thanks

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