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Buy the Best Acrylic Latex Paint and Primer

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100 Percent Acrylic Latex House Paints and Compatible Primers

Following is a list of 10 manufacturers of 100 percent acrylic exterior house paints. All of them make a compatible primer. These are the paints you must get for a superior painting experience. Do not accept substitutes! Beware of paints that simply state "acrylic" paint on the label. Did you know that a manufacturer can put a small amount of acrylic resin in the paint and then add additional vinyl acetate or other lesser quality resins and STILL call the paint an "Acrylic Paint"? You have to be careful out there!

Pricing is always a great barometer. Acrylic resin is the most expensive ingredient (by quantity) in paint. It can cost up to twice as much as vinyl acetate resins. This means that a 100 percent acrylic resin house paint can have maybe several dollars more worth of basic ingredients. These costs must be passed on to you. You can bet that a 100 percent acrylic house paint will be one of the most expensive paints in the store. Thus, if you see "bargain" house paint for $8 to $10 per gallon, resist the temptation! You can get good buys on the best paint. Watch for sales. The spring and fall are times to watch for paint sales.

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  1. Also, your building specs that I bought from you says that the finish paint must be acrylic-urethane resin paint, is that the same thing as saying 100% Acrylic? If not, which is better for exterior paint?

  2. I clicked SHOP and enters a couple different search criteria but never found the manufacturers of 100% acrylic paint.

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