Casement Windows

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  1. Jan Hickey
    May 7, 2016

    I'm writing on behalf of a friend who lives in a newly built apartment that has Anderson casement windows that only open about 5". It is nutty and isn't enough for sufficient air to enter and circulate in their place. Her husband and she have been ROASTING in the summer because of the lack of outside air entering. Consequently, their cooling bill has been absolutely outrageous because of the heat. I've been there and it is awful. Their management won't do anything about it and residents have reverted to detaching the arm from the crank shaft but that has resulted in their having to manually shut the window if needed. We're trying to figure out how to adjust them to get them to open further but we can't figure it out. As it is, if we unscrewed the lever that attaches to the window crank, they would then need to go outside and manually close the window since the lever would be detached. It is just crazy! Is there a way that they/we can adjust the setting so the window can open further and hopefully enable us to put a small fan in the window to draw in some outside air. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way that the settings can be adjusted without having to detach the crank arm from the window? Thank you for your time. It's deeply appreciated.

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