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  1. lmiller
    February 12, 2014

    Approximately two months ago I had a kitchen backsplash installed in my home that included travertine and glass tile inserts every so many feet. A week later the installer returned to put one coat of sealer on the tile.

    Unfortunately, I am not happy with the grout lines that show between the 4 small glass tile pieces used. The installer used the same grout for both the travertine and glass tiles which was a lighter grout and did not blend with the glass tiles. Our glass tiles now appear to have a checkered board look. I am considering staining the grout lines between the glass tiles and was wondering what procedures I should follow since the wall was already sealed? I am concerned about trying this and possibly making a bigger mess. Thanks.

    • kate
      April 6, 2016

      I have the same problem with small glass tiles just installed in my kitchen - the white grout creates a checkerboard effect and detracts from the beauty of the tiles. Did you manage to solve your problem? A sealant has not yet been applied. Thank you.

  2. Marcia
    May 27, 2014

    When my shower walls were tiled, they ended up very light with periodic dark mottled patches....UGLY and not what it was suppose to be.

    Oddly enough, when the grout is wet,the color darkens to the correct color, evens out, and looks like it is suppose to look. I am thinking that grout stain is my fix but am not sure since the grout is light colored and uneven when dry....darker and okay when wet.

    Can you give me any ideas or suggestions? I am also curious as to what could of caused it, I have my own educated guess, but do not know for sure.

    When I had the individual that did the work return to look at it, he simply shook his head and said "I've never seen or had that happen before"

    Thanks in advance for any professional advice you might be able to share.

    • Tim Carter
      May 28, 2014

      I know exactly what's going on. Water is seeping under the clear glaze. When most objects soak up water, it changes the objects ability to capture and reflect light. The tile glaze should have extended down a little farther onto the edges of the tile. Mystery solved!

  3. Stacy Erickson
    May 29, 2014

    Be careful with additives to grout!! Read the grout bag carefully and follow all instructions.
    1.) Additives to colored grout can:
    a.) cause mottling
    b.) negate the warranty of the grout
    2.) Match batch and lot numbers. THEN, dry mix bags that are going to be used in the same space to ensure a uniform color.
    3.) Too much water in the clean-up phase can cause mottling in colored grout. Make sure your sponge is as dry as you can wring it out before dressing the joints otherwise you run the risk of washing out colorant.
    4.) Grout ONLY when the tiles are well set. You shouldn't tile one afternoon and expect to grout the next morning. Give tile a good 24 hours to cure before grouting.

  4. Jay
    July 16, 2015

    Dear Tim
    Your article on grout stains was extremely helpful and it turns out I am looking for the color raven as well. Could you tell me the name of the oil based stain you used? I do not like any of the water based colorants, they look look like poo!!

    Thank You

  5. Teresa
    October 15, 2015

    I just got new white tile in my bathroom, they used a dark gray grout instead of a light gray. Is there anyway to lighten that grout?

  6. Sam
    December 31, 2015

    I have been looking out for coloured grout and realised very few brands offer this and I did not have the patience to colour it, thankfully my friend told me about Roff and they have 22 shades of grout which is great. Those of you in India, make a note.

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