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Circular Saw Tips Video

Circular Saw Tips

First, be sure you know which was the circular saw blade rotates. Most blades rotate up. Why is this important? Cutting parallel with the grain of the wood will be no problem. But if you are cutting against the grain of the wood, you can get a lot of splinters. To avoid this splintering, use a utility knife or razor blade knife to score the wood on the cut line. This pre-scores the grain of the wood. Then when cutting, advance the circular saw slowly. The edge next to the scored line will not have splinters.

Do you need to cut a curve with the circular saw? It can be done. Be sure to adjust the blade depth to just a fraction of an inch deeper than the wood thickness. This will allow the saw to follow a curved line while cutting.

Use these tips on your next woodworking project or remodeling job. They work.


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