Cleaning Concrete Oil Spots

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  1. George
    April 30, 2012

    A quick an dirty method for removing both fresh and older oil stains from concrete is -

    non clumping kitty litter.

    Just sprinkle in on and, for fresh , scrape it around to absorb the oil then scoop it up.

    For older stains spread it around with your rubber gloved hand and work it in. You will see the oil disappear before your eyes.

    I also use a short piece of thin wood to scrape the litter around.

    The litter can be reused until it is almost black with oil.

  2. Andro Selvin
    April 3, 2014

    I spilled used motor oil on dry-stack concrete block steps. I've tried the dish soap method with no luck, and even tried a spray-bottle based product specifically designed to clean concrete from the local big box store. I'm running out of options, and the stain is only about 2 weeks old. Is this something Stain Solver would work on? Thanks.

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