Construction Quality Control and Bad Home Builders

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  1. jerry duff
    October 18, 2012

    I absolutely agree with your views on quality, I spent the years between 20 and 60 doing a variety of finish work, automobiles, drywall, boats, and finally retiring from Boeing. In those forty years I gained a ton of insight to the problems associated with quality craftsmanship and the widespread lack of it.

    My usual question to the offenders was "do you not know, or do you not care? It's got to be one or the other and corrective steps have to take these two frames of mind into consideration. My finding was that it is about 50-50, the "I don't care" guys were starting to take the lead though.

    Time IS money, that alone is a difficult concept for some business owners to bring to their charge sheet. When I was working on cars (26 years) I found that a charge strategy for custom work was 'time+material", this allowed me to take those extra steps in the finish part to get the WOW look that was the goal of so many customers.

    Working against your own bid times can be self destructive, but only if you aren't familiar with the specific type of job you are bidding. Not everybody can afford the highest quality, your note about choices of quality levels is spot on. Give the customer what he/she pays for and you'll rarely be disappointed by their response, I still miss the compliments that a job well done elicits, pride is the key, not the $$$...

    Today I'm trying to get a contractor to see things my way with regard to his level of craftsmanship, he's redoing our bathroom and his sheetrock/taping leaves a lot to be desired, I asked him, "don't know, or don't care? He's reworking the walls as I type this....


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