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Cork Flooring Video

When installing a cork floor, you must first seal the surface. The liquid sealer is good on either concrete or wood. Paint it on with a paint brush or a roller. In about 45 minutes, it will be ready to use. Apply the glue next. Some are light blue in color, but dry clear. Once the glue has dried, it is time to lay the cork flooring squares.

The cork flooring comes in a variety of patterns and sizes. It is easy to cut using a standard razor knife. Once the flooring is down, you can coat it with a urethane wood finish. A clear, water based urethane will dry in as little as an hour. So you can apply multiple coats in a single day.

Cork flooring is durable, easy to maintain and if the urethane coating wears, just put another coat on. This flooring is easy to clean and hides dirt well.


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