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Custom Woodwork Profiles

Sample Custom Woodwork Profiles

If you can put a pencil to paper and draw curved lines, you can create a profile for woodwork. This is difficult for many people as they have a tough time visualizing what a two-dimensional drawing looks like in three dimensions as a finished piece of trim lumber.

One suggestion is to visit older homes that are for sale in your town or city. Often Realtors hold open houses. Go to these events and drool over the woodwork. Ask if you can take some photos. Who knows, you may find a home you like. Why buy just trim when you can get the finished product already installed. Can you tell I am a licensed real estate broker? Well, I am - I have been licensed in Ohio as a broker since 1986 or so.

The 3D profiles immediately below this paragraph were drawn by my daughter Meghan. They are scaled down versions of the interior window and door casing in my house, my baseboard, a miniature crown molding that goes on top of a flat head molding that fits on top of the side casings, a window sill apron, and a fancy inside corner piece that eliminates the need to miter corners. A similar outside piece goes at all of the outside corners as well, but it wraps around the corner.

All of the other profiles shown are courtesy of:

Koetter Woodworking, Inc.
Borden, Indiana 47106







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