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Driveway Sealer on Roof

Sometimes I get the most interesting questions.

Like this one from Joe Naymik who hails from Cleveland, OH.

Joe wrote, "Is it possible to use a product like a driveway sealer (black top) to seal the plywood on a roof?  I want to use that like ice guard before I install my roof.  It is a lot cheaper and 1 can roll it on before I set the plywood."

The answer is absolutely positively NO!

I think the best analogy I can offer up would be to ask if you could use a cold chisel and hammer to perform delicate brain surgery. Driveway sealers are not designed to be used as a roofing product. Period.

Get the best ice and water shield product I use. It's money well spend if you don't want leaks. It's the only thing to put on your home.

Your method would do nothing to stop leaks. The best underlayments span the gaps between the sheets of roof sheathing and they seal to themselves. They create a complete barrier to water infiltration.

CLICK HERE to buy what I used on my own home, Joe.

NOTE: When you click the two above links, be careful when you read some of the user comments. It's clear to me that some of the people commenting FAILED to read the product instructions. It's clear to me they have no experience with looking at roofs after they've leaked. Who would you trust - an award-winning builder / remodeler who's installed the product on many jobs AND covered his entire house with it, or some ill-informed consumer or young roofer who failed to read the installation instructions?


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  1. How about some Gypsy driveway sealer: used motor oil (any grade)? In fact they might offer to replace the entire roof for a lot less than a roofer (payment in advance of course).

    • Yes, Robert, the Williamson family tribe would be happy to slosh on some used motor oil! The descend on Cincinnati, OH the last two weeks of May to have a huge family reunion. Many of their family members are buried at Spring Grove Cemetery and they have a few huge parties and fund them by ripping off consumers.

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