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Dry Stack Barbeque Plan

A Dry Stack Barbeque Plan

The plan below is a very simplistic barbeque that you can build in two days. The hardest part of the job is pouring a simple concrete pad that will support your barbeque. The pad MUST be square and level. This is not that hard to do. The pad should be 48 inches wide by 39 inches deep. Make it five inches thick. I want you to install 1/2 inch reinforcing rods as well. Put three in each direction about one foot apart from one another. Pour half the concrete and then place the rods in the wet concrete. Then pour the remaining concrete. It does not have to have a nice finish on top as you will only be able to see an inch and one-half at each edge when you are done.

The key is to make sure the darn thing is level in both directions. When you pour the concrete you strike it off so that there are no humps or depressions. If you goof this up, the brick will not stack properly! Use a standard carpenter's framing square to get your concrete form square.

Top View

Top View Notes

The top cooking grate is clearly shown. The bottom grate is directly below separated by about 10 inches or so.

You can slide the grate back so it touches the back wall. This will keep stray "dogs" and brats from rolling into the fire.

The cooking surface is actually about two inches below the actual top of the barbecue. This works out well as you don't have to worry about things rolling side to side.

The pattern of the first/bottom course is a simple continuation of the alternating pairs of brick. Just put them in and they will work out.


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