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Gutters – Screw Type Gutter Hangers

Color Photos of Screw Type Gutter Hangers

The following two photos should give you a decent idea of how the screw type hanger works. Almost all aluminum gutters have a formed top front edge. The forming process imparts stability. Putting several closely spaced bends in the sheet aluminum gives it significant strength. Without the bends, the metal would be as flimsy as a wet noodle. The J shaped end of the hanger fits under the top front edge of the gutter and locks in place.

You can clearly see the long screw that comes already threaded into the hanger. It has a self-tapping point that drills through the back of the gutter. The screw is angled so that it can be driven more easily.

In this photo, you can see two of the hangers in place. I used one at the very end of the gutter to pull that end of the gutter up a tad. The gutter is approximately 21 feet long, and you are looking at the last 4 feet. The gutter slopes the entire way and without lifting the end, I would surely end up with a puddle of water in between the outlet tube and the end of the gutter you see. By lifting it up, I was able to get that portion of the gutter to be nearly level. Just after I took the photo, I installed the bird cage into the outlet tube.

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