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House Framing Techniques Part 1 Video

Hello, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and I want to show you the way houses should be framed. It's called stacked framing. Look at this.

In this video, you can see that the roof rafters are placed, or stacked, right on top of the wall studs. They are sitting directly on top of them. If you follow the wall studs down, you will see nail heads that line up with the floor joists. These floor joists are directly below the wall studs.

But it gets even better. Go further down in the house and you come to the top plates. And stacked directly under the floor joists are the studs for the next wall down.

The point is this. You want to make the loads all the way from the roof, all the way down the structure stack on top of one another until they get down to the foundation. That is the proper way to do framing. You don't want the floor joists or roof rafters offset off the wall studs. If they aren't stacked, it makes the harder on the plumbers, heaters, electricians, etc. and structurally it isn't as solid.


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