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How Thick Decorative Stamped Concrete Overlay

Bruce Laybourne, who probably eats lots of Skyline Chili and Aglamesis Mocha Chip ice cream, is scratching his head over two bids for putting a stamped concrete overlay on his patio.

Let him tell you.

"We have a concrete patio - 570 sq. ft.  We had two completely different estimates on how to make it look nicer.  One was a 2 in. concrete topping then stamped, the other was a 3/8 in. overlay, than stamped.

Why such discrepancies?? Which do you think is better and longest lasting? There are some small hairline cracks but nothing serious with the concrete."

Here's my answer to Bruce:

Bruce, will answer for FOOD and Ice Cream!

I can't explain the difference as I'm not in the mind of the two contractors.

But here's the GOOD NEWS. Either method will work if they do the overlays CORRECTLY.

The thinner one needs to use coarse and medium sand in the mix. The thicker one should be pea-gravel concrete.

But both methods MUST use a secret ingredient to ensure success. This is especially true if you go with the thinner bid.

What is the secret ingredient? Use my search engine here at my website and type in:

concrete overlay

Read each and EVERY column I've written on the topic.

Please send Before and After photos and a care package of you-know-what. :-)


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