How to Attach Shelves to a Pocket Door Wall

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  1. Rae G.
    January 19, 2014

    Thanks so much Tim for your help! Best Wishes from Fairfax, VT.

  2. Tim Bischof
    January 21, 2014

    Go idea and directions. Another option might have been to go with the industrial style Shelf hanger where you mount the support at the top or near the top of the back wall. Then there are metal brackets that hook on to it. Some just hang others I believe require screwing the down support into the wall also. I have used this method and it worked great and is capable to support a lot of weight. In my case I went to the top plate in the wall, so I had the ability to put in more screws for strength.
    I think Home Depot sells one referred to as the Triton Storability products.

  3. Keith
    January 21, 2014

    Another option is just to get / make a stand-alone shelving unit / bookshelf that has sides. 60" (5') is a lot for a single span, so I'd opt for two side-by side units. You can even do these with doors and/or adjustable shelves, if you wish. This is something that would be hard to do with cleated in shelves. If you are not that handy, you can buy melamine coated shelves and uprights at home centers. All you have to do then is to fasten the top, bottom, and if desired, back panels..

  4. Joseph Bobst
    January 21, 2014

    Good timely tip for me, since my latest project has three Johnson pocket door framed in. Two of these are in areas where shelving would be appreciated.
    Keith's option is OK for one of these, but it is neat to have two ways to get it done.


  5. Eric
    January 21, 2014

    You would GLUE the support to drywall??? I'd suggest those drywall anchors that screw directly in with fat threads and are not very long. Since the force is going to be essentially directly downward, the anchor is not being pulled outward very much. Whereas the surface of drywall is just paper glued to gypsum, so the downward force could tear it away from the panel.

  6. Howard Lee
    January 21, 2014

    Excellent - never saw this before - makes perfect sense

    Thanks Tim

  7. don hill
    January 22, 2014

    I use wire shelves that hang from the back wall.. No cleats on side wall. make for a nice install. You have a lot options

  8. Mike
    January 22, 2014

    I think that your idea of gluing and angle nailing would be a good one. Another good idea would be to get rid of social media and search boxes that are so intrusive on your web page. Very annoying.

  9. George Blakey
    January 23, 2014

    I have been convinced by a friend who works with a company that builds high-end homes that when installing a pocket door, whenever possible, only use the kits for a 2 x 6 wall not a 2 x 4 one. They have stouter studs and allow larger trim pieces around the door opening. They also have more room for putting anchors into the wall without chance of damaging the door panel. Of course this doesn't help when you already have a 2 x 4 wall pocket door in place, but is good planning for for the next time.

    As for gluing supports to drywall, I'd be a bit worried that over time the paper would pull loose from the gypsum.

  10. David
    January 26, 2014

    On the inside of the pantry, glue a pine board that has been ripped to the same width as the pantry to the wall and cross cut to the desired height, and then finished as desired, to use as the support for the shelves. Since the bottom of the board is on the floor, there is no need to otherwise secure it to the back side of the pocket door wall except to hold it up until shelves are put into place to prevent it from falling down.

  11. Joy Davis
    January 29, 2014

    Another option is to add a center brace to the units Tim suggested. Like Keith says 5 feet is a long space for heavy stuff on a shelf. I would use a shelf brace thing like the one for clothes closets. You know the one where the shelf sits on top and the clothes hang on a pole in the front. that kind of thing without the pole holder though.

  12. David
    June 30, 2016

    I used this method to hang a hand towel ring with a wooden base. Get toggle bolts and run the bolt in backwards. Close the pocket door, install the toggle bolts. You will now have essentially threaded studs sticking out of the wall mount your wood supports, with countersunk holes if desired to recess the nuts. The toggles will be flat against the drywall, and no bolt sticking out to Mar the pocket door.

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