How To Install A Prehung Door

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  1. Sonia
    November 22, 2015

    We had new pre-hung interior wood doors hung this week...the sub-contractor cut the bottom of the frame and then hung the doors so that the door is 1/2 from the concrete. The doors are now too low to the ground and return air will be at a minimum...they were suppose to hang the doors and raise the casing and base moulding 1/2" to accommodate the new wood there any way to fix this?

    • Tim Carter
      November 22, 2015

      Sure. A carpenter with a vibrating multi tool can cut the jamb to slide the floor under it. The door can be cut off.

  2. Sonia
    November 22, 2015

    know about the jamb saw...they have only hung 4 of 11 doors...seems a shame to have to trim new doors...Thanks

  3. Bob Romanowski
    November 23, 2015

    We just removed all the flooring and old prehung doors. I was wondering should I install the laminate floor first or the new doors first?

  4. teresia davis
    February 15, 2016

    Good Post ..I have installed one in my home 🙂

  5. watson
    February 24, 2016

    Installing a prehung door is easy and they already have the doorjamb attached with it.It’s an advantage .But you need to take a lot of care to install like a professional. If your measurements aren’t accurate the door would not work well. So a little professional assistance would be a better option :). I got the help of Clera windows here in Canada.

  6. April Dick
    April 14, 2016

    My not-so-handy husband installed all of our interior doors a few years back. Upon inspection, we noticed that he did not get them installed correctly. Most of the door jambs are not level with the walls (meaning on one side of the door, the jamb leaves a huge gap where the trim is supposed to meet the door jamb and on the other side of the door it comes out too far. Is there a way to fix this without removing the entire door? Can one side of the door jamb be loosened and moved where it needs to go?

  7. Dave Johnson
    September 5, 2016

    Hi April, this situation is rough, but not un-fixable. You'll need a hammer and a speed square, and a caulk gun. First, you open the door, and have you husband stand on the other side of the threshold, facing you. Then, you look straight ahead, apologize for chastizing him, and mocking his efforts to improve your home, celebrate his ownership, and save you money with his own hands. Then, hand him the caulk gun and ask him to caulk the gaps, and say 'I guess if we haven't noticed the gaps for so many years, if we caulk them then no one ever will, because no one really looks that closely at that sort of thing and we could probably find better things to do with our time and money than fixing quarter inch gaps around the trim on our doors'. Then put the hammer and speed square back in the new toolbox your bought him for Fathers day, those were just for effect.

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