How To Polish Marble

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  1. Tom P
    December 20, 2012

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

    • Tim Carter
      January 3, 2013

      Debra, you should consider investing in a 15-Minute Consult with me. Look at my cart for that. Lot's to discuss. I just do short pithy answers here.

  2. JohnnyLamb
    January 25, 2013

    Can this be done effectively with a palm sander and silicon carbide sheets? I want to do edges on a sink cutout and plain counter edge. It doesn't have to be fast.

    It's just that I have a palm sander, and don't have the pads and attachments to use my variable speed corded drill as a sander. (and I'm afraid I'd mess it up using something so powerful and harder to handle for sanding).

    Thanks, good site.


    • Tim Carter
      February 24, 2013

      Just get the right sandpaper. Easy

  3. Aaron Xie
    July 24, 2014

    Glad to find this post. I have a marble dinning table (38" * 76") with a transparent polyester coating. The coating is cracked, so I sanded it off. Now the natural stone is exposed, and I need to polish it.

    My problem is that I can not find sanding papers for stone anywhere in Ottawa. Can I instead use those for polishing cars?

    Given the area the I am going to polish, how long does it usually take?

    Thanks for any information.

    • Tim Carter
      July 27, 2014

      I have no idea of your skills or tools. Thus it's impossible to answer you.

  4. Oscar
    August 15, 2014

    Having trouble finding drill attachment online. Which one(s) do you recommend?

  5. Oscar
    August 15, 2014

    I want to try this on a marble table that has a really bad rough spot on it (you can feel the coarse stone). However, the rest of the table is very smooth. Would I do the above steps on just the coarse spot, or would I have to do the entire table? Thanks!

  6. Tony Arnold
    July 16, 2015

    Thanks for this. Has taken a considerable time to find a comprehensive and sound explanation. I am making tables using some marble that has a few blemishes (to keep costs down) and need to be able to finish them. Much appreciated. Tony, Bath UK

  7. Adam
    October 2, 2015

    Hi and thanks for the great article. Quick question. I have a round marble sink I'd like to polish. Can this be done by hand with squares of the Silicon Carbide sandpaper? Would I make circular motions or use some other technique? Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Suzanne
    November 17, 2015

    Can the same techniques be used on limestone? I don't want a shine. I just want to get rid of the etched marks, make the surface more uniform before sealing. I like the idea of working wet, but what type of sandpaper will work with water?

  9. Kem
    January 8, 2017

    when I go to 800 and 1500 grid discs, I get brown stains on edges. no problem with 50 and 200 grids.
    what am I doing wrong?

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