How to Pressure Wash Your Roof Video

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  1. Douglas Dopp
    July 11, 2014

    Tim, two safety thoughts caused by personal experience come to mind. 1: pre-test the spray pattern before using and check both hose and nozzle periodically. Years ago, using a pressure washer, I stripped moss, dirt and loose paint from the side of my house. Everything went smoothly until I was distracted. My spray pattern changed without my discovey leaving me where a stream (rather than fan spray) and some nasty scars in the wood. 2. Water under pressure cuts like a knife, especially flesh. A pressure washer is not a squirt gun or airless paint sprayer. A pressure sprayer should be given the same respect as an electric saw or welding torch.

    July 11, 2014

    Hi Tim - appreciate this info - do not have a need here but was wondering why the same tip would be useful pressure washing a deck. I have your info in deck cleaning and am going to use your oxygen cleaning product as well as the guide you have prepared about the different types of stains as well - excellent material - but would this type of tip work on decks - I realize that some may not use the correct sprayer tip and so perhaps better to suggest not using pressure washers at all - but some of us do use your info and pay attention to your details - thanks Tim - Doug

  3. Chris
    May 6, 2015

    When pressurewashing a roof that is not level, is it true that you should never have the pressurewasher on the roof with you since it's not likely to be secure?

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