Limestone Countertops

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  1. Amyjo
    August 30, 2013

    Yikes, I have limestone countertops and I do love the look, HOWEVER, leaving a glass of water on the counter will leave a white circle. That is right, regular tap water will actually cause a mild reaction and leave a slightly white mark. Lemonade and soda is acidic and leaves severe white marks and a hazy scale. Don't worry though, you can buff it out with steel wool. There are some sealing products that help somewhat, but we have to apply it every single year and it still doesn't stop this process. Also, the smell from the sealers is so noxious I worry that I am shortening my family's lives or damaging my liver! I can't count the many hours of scrubbing, treating, cleaning and polishing my limestone counters just so they look half-way decent.

    I also have a bathroom counter that is granite. I don't use any special cleaners and it always looks great. I swear I could cover it with Ajax, red wine and bleach and it would be fine.

    I cant' wait to replace my limestone counters with a cream-colored granite (maybe a buffed granite will give some of the limestone look) without the constant acidic reactions limestone is prone too.

  2. Mitzie Smith
    April 19, 2015

    My family owns a limestone quarry in Jamaica and I'm thinking of getting into the limestone counter top business. Problem is I Know absolutely nothing about making them. Do you conduct training seminars on them ? If so where?

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