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Millwork of Urethane – Interior and Exterior

Architectural interior and exterior millwork can really make the difference on a home. Have you ever been in an older house? What makes an old home different from a new one? The walls are usually the same - that is, a smooth surface. The ceilings are the same too, although in an older home they might be one or two feet higher. The only difference is usually the woodwork. Older homes had generous woodwork and millwork. Labor and the wood itself was abundant and cheap. As we know, these things have changed! Labor costs are outrageous. It can cost you a king's ransom today to attempt to recreate in wood the detailing you see on an older home. Urethane millwork, however, has come to the rescue to minimize labor costs.

Compound Moldings

When you look at crown moldings on the inside or outside of a house, you are often looking at three or four different pieces of wood. In some instances there are hidden rough pieces of lumber that are needed to fill out gaps and provide a nailing surface for the exposed pieces. The labor cost to install all of these pieces can be enormous. Urethane millwork can often duplicate these compound moldings in one profile! You only have to install one large piece of trim.

Just Like Wood

The urethane products are in many ways just like wood. You use the same tools to install it and shape it. Most people already own the few simple tools you need to work with this wonder material.

Here is a typical list of tools you need:

  • tape measure
  • square
  • hammer
  • hand or power saw
  • nail countersink
  • caulk gun
  • level
  • painting tools
  • safety glasses

To install and finish the urethane millwork, you will need the following materials:

  • hot dipped or stainless nails
  • masonry fasteners for brick
  • top quality exterior caulk
  • special adhesive by manufacturer
  • exterior grade wood filler
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • 100% acrylic exterior paint
  • stain and clear topcoat for stainable products

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