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Milwaukee 6146-30 Grinder Review

Tim reviews the Milwaukee 6146-30 Grinder in this video. The grinder is a well-balanced and powerful 4.5-inch grinder.

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2 Responses to Milwaukee 6146-30 Grinder Review

  1. Hey Tim, not a good idea to grind steel next to a motor vehicle.
    I have seen the affects of this on both the paint and the glass.
    those grindings fly a long way and attach them self to most surface and then rust

    Kind regards,


  2. I am looking at getting a grinder. I wish you would have mentioned the different uses for a grinder. I would use it for cutting brick for a small doorstep area in my backyard not for grinding metal. Also you should use a dust mask and gloves for cutting stone along with eyes and ears.

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