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Mortar For Stone Veneer Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and have you ever wondered how stones get affixed to walls, such as a fireplace surround? How did the stone mason get those to stick and stay on the wall?

One thing they didn't do was to use that liquid-nail stuff in a tube. What really happened is the mason mixed up some sand and Portland cement and then stuck the stones to the wall. But if he was really good, he put in some hydrated lime.

This stone wall is inside the house and it's not subject to much weather. But many places have a stone wall on the outside, where it's stuck to a masonry wall or you want to stick it to a wood frame house that has a stucco finish.

opens in a new windowMortar Recipe for Stone Veneer TipDo you know what? If you want to do that and want it to stand the test of time, you need to mix up a real, special mixture of Portland cement, sand and lime. And there is another special trick.

If you want to know more about that and exactly how to do it, click on the image to find out how. If you want to put stone on a wall, all you have to do is mix up sand, Portland cement, lime and water.


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