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Oil on Driveway

Ann Faircloth has spilled oil on her driveway that she just sealed in Southampton, UK.

Let her tell you about how her cleaning effort failed:

"I had my my drive sealed, but we spilt oil on it. It doesn't look any better, since we cleaned it.

Can we put another coat of sealant on top of the old one?"

Here's my answer to Ann:

Ann, you can put another coat of sealer on, but I don't think that's the right thing to do.

If the oil is still fresh, I'm pretty certain you can get it off with some liquid dish soap and water.

I would not add new sealer to cover up the oil because most sealer instructions say to never apply the sealer over oil.

If you have Dawn dish soap in the UK, get it.

Then watch this video I taped showing you how to clean oil off a driveway.



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  1. I didn't know that this was a solution Tim had posted but I knew about Wildlife Rescue folks using DAWN to save birds encrusted with petroleum so I gave it shot.

    Our concrete driveway is over 50 yrs old and still in pretty good shape. I'm sure the sealing wore off many years ago since we have to pressure wash it about once a year.

    I mopped up oil that had leaked from an old car and didn't get the spot wet, just applied a liberal amount of Dawn & brushed it around. I actually let it sit overnight. Added somemore the next day & gave it a brush. Probably rinsed it the 3rd day or so, the Dawn keeps working. I've done this several times and it's really incredible that you cannot see any spots at all! That Dawn stuff does the trick.

    If you can't buy it locally, I bet you can order it online from Amazon or Target or Walmart.

    It's safe to use on pets if they get into oil, but you have to wash it off thoroughly or they get really sick if they lick it. Good Luck!

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