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  1. Mark Young
    August 21, 2013

    I have a very noisey roof. It pops, groans, snaps and creates very unpleasant sounds. Originally, I had a metal roof that was not free-standing. (the metal was screwed to the osb.) I was told that to eliminated the noise I should install a free-standing metal roof because the metal was not able to expand and contract. This sounded plausible to me so I went ahead and tore of the old metal roof and installed a new free-standing metal roof. (cost $16,000). After all this my roof continues as before. Expensive advise that did nothing.
    The roof consists of:
    3/4" T&G, Styrofoam Rigid Batting (4' X 8'), OSB, Bitch Paper and finally the metal roof.
    Not real sure of the dimensions of the Rigid Batting but it could be 2X8 and it seemed rather thick, maybe 3 or 4". I had this done by a home builder who I have contacted and he tells me that metal roofs are inherently noisey. This was done many years ago.
    When the sun comes up in the morning the noise begins and continues throughout the day. On cloudy days it is quiet.
    Would appreciated comments as to how to remedy the situation.
    I should mention this is a cabin in the mountains at about 6600 ft.

  2. Elizabeth Burley
    September 18, 2014

    Should you change plywood and replace shingles if above happens???

    • Tim Carter
      September 18, 2014

      Maybe. It depends on many things.

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