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Remove An Old Window Video

Thinking about replacing the windows in your house? Is it a tough project? Well... It can and it can't be. You have to be sure you have everything ready so you can do the job right away.

First step is to remove the old window from the house. On a wood house, you start by removing the wood trim on the outside of the house. Use a wide pry bar to gently pry off the wood trim. Once the outside trim has been removed, go inside the house and remove all the trim inside.

Next, take a sawzall with a metal cutting blade and place it between the wall studs and the window frame. Use the saw to cut the nails holding the window frame in place. After all the nails have been cut, remove the window sashes from the frame. Use the sawzall to cut the bottom of the window sill. This will allow you to pull the frame out of the window opening.

Now that the old window has been removed, it is time to install the new window. You did order the new window?


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