Repairing Plaster Walls

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  1. Rick Henry
    April 4, 2013

    Tim, while reading about repairing plaster, which I've done too many times, a pop-up appears, "Expert advice for your home". I've signed up many times for this....and yet it continues the pop-ups. Is there a way to bypass this? It makes it difficult to read articles.

    • Tim Carter
      April 4, 2013

      There is no way to stop it. I can't understand why it blocks the text as on my screen it doesn't. Plus, the text can scroll below and above the box. I need the box there to capture new people that come. There should be a cookie set to not show it for about 6 months. If you are one to clear cookies on a regular basis, this is the source of your pain.

  2. Jim Mag
    April 4, 2013

    Tim I have used these products several times and always found them at the Big orange Home center. I personally like the fast 20 min set compound when I want to do the job in a few hours.

  3. Darren
    April 8, 2013

    Up here in Canada we buy our products from "Winroc". I'm not sure they're in the USA.
    There are fast setting compounds called west rock 30, 45 and 90. Indicating the setting times. IE west rock 90 sets up in 90 minutes compared to West rock 60 in an hour. For deep holes try a compound called con fill. This has fibre glass in it and can fill 1" deep. Although I've found by coating all of these products with a premixed finish afterwards makes the final sanding a lot easier as the powdered compounds tend to not sand smooth without a lot of hard work.

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