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Replacing A Window Video

After removing that old window, you have to replace that opening with a new window. The new window with the glass in place will be very heavy. It is best to remove the window panes from the frame. This will make handling the frame a lot easier.

Take the frame and gently tilt it into place and stay the process of leveling and squaring it up. Using levels, get the frame level and plumb in the opening. Use shims to hold the frame in place. Put the window panes back in. This will help in squaring up the window frame. Once back in place, check along the bottom of the windows to be sure the reveal is the same. Now, start nailing the window in place.

Use 10 or 12 penny finish nails in the sides of the frame. Check the window manufacturer's recommendations for the number and placement of the nails. The next step is to place installation around the window frame and cover the outside with special tape to stop air infiltration. Replace the window trim and you are done.

Follow these steps, and take your time. The window replacement project will go quickly and easily.


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