Ridge Board Length for a Hip Roof

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  1. vinny
    December 15, 2014

    i am building a 12x20 hip roof pavilion shelter i am using douglas fir 6x6 post 3x8 for hip ridge beam and for the box or plate 3x6 for rafters and 2x6 tongue an grove pitch 4/12 i did not figure out exact sizes or over hang for eves birds mount would i be save on just 4/ 6x6 on the corners or i need another 6x6 for the 20ft in middle? is the 2x6 over kill i am using asphalt shingles on top worried about roofing nails going threw to ruin that wood affect i never did hip roof i am having a problem figuring out how much to order of rafters tongue an grove an cuts i have some idea but not exact on cuts heights thanx also the rafters no 16 on center or 24 splitting in even lengths an the over hang, box it into 3x8 so i can put high hats in with the tongue an grove and across the width two 3x6 for ceiling fans to hang on

    • Tim Carter
      December 17, 2014


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  2. william schrum
    January 26, 2016

    I am building a 16 x 16 building and as you can see I can't deduct the longest from the smallest. I don't want a pointed roof peak. I would like some flat section on my hip roof. I also used 6 x 6 for corner and support posts. Any ideas?

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