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Roof Turbine Vents and High Winds

Quick Column Summary:

  • Roof turbines keep blowing off
  •  Should I just remove them
  • Great roof turbines can take high winds
  • Link to great turbine manufacturer

Bill Curtis, who lives in Concho, AZ, emailed me with a fascinating situation:

"We have a barn that we installed 8 roof turbines.  Four blew off, mangled.  Company sent 4 more, we now only have one left on roof.  We get 50 mph winds alot, micro bursts that hit over 100 mph often.  Should we just plug holes and forget it?"

Here's my answer to Bill:

Bill, I think the turbine vents you purchased are losers. I'm sure you feel the same way. I can tell you there are great roof turbines that will stand up to winds higher than 100 mph.

Here's one that will stand up to 147 mph winds. The manufacturer of this turbine vent is probably the leader in the USA. Plus, they're made in the USA. I like that.

About ten years ago I received a heavy-duty plastic roof turbine vent made in Australia of all places. It was the most robust turbine vent I've ever seen. I put it on a Victorian garden shed I built back then.

I would try to find this Australian product.


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