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  1. JB
    June 7, 2013

    Hello, we will soon be moving into a home built in the late 1960's. The house has a daylight basement with the upper story bedrooms on the backside (two-story side). We want to expand the master bedroom as it is very tiny and does not have a bathroom. What are your insights on this type of "hanging" addition? In a perfect world, we would love to build the addition, creating a covered patio underneath, and also added a wraparound porch on that second level from that master around to the adjacent side of the house. Thank you! JB

    One side note, we have considered adding a whole new master on to the basement, but wondered how that might look jutting out in the backyard.

  2. Bill Plummer
    February 15, 2016

    We have an L shaped ranch home. I am looking at expanding the deck that sets in the L on the back of the house. We would like to enclose the portion of the deck where the L is located as there is a sliding patio door in that area. The problem: there is a 24 inch overhang on the back and L side of the house, the soffit is only 90 inches above the deck and there is guttering on both sides where I would to build the enclosure. Is there a way to build a gable roof over the deck in that area. The roof pitch on the house is 4/12.

    • John V
      March 20, 2016

      Bill, did you ever get an answer? I have almost the exact same situation.Looking to add a 4 season, but having trouble visualizing the roof line.

      • Tim Carter
        March 24, 2016


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  3. Mark
    August 25, 2016

    I have an addition from long ago off my kitchen. I am wondering if I need two separate sub floors that are not connected because one part is in the main house (kitchen) and one part is in the addition (an old porch with good foundation) or should I connect the two subfloors together with continuous plywood? I'd like continuous and no break if possible..and I read somewhere that a two foot overlap would be best between the two rooms, but haven't seen this confirmed anywhere else.

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