Stop Mold Growth

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    August 23, 2016

    The fact of bleach killing mold is absolutely incorrect. Mold that is growing on a surface with pours cannot be killed with bleach. There are roots that penetrate deep and the bleach ions are unable to pass thru to the base of these. Bleach can also serve a protective layer to mold. If you wipe a porous surface with bleach, then try to go back over it with a mold killing product, it will not penetrate the bleach layer. The entire surface must be wiped with water to help dissolve the bleach, then go back with a mold killer product. The product is sprayed on and then wiped. These often contain hydrogen peroxide and an active ingredient similar to what is in hand sanitizer. The real kicker is....mold spores can still be a toxin even dead. As long as they are there they can release toxins. Everything must be vacuumed with a hepa filter and bag in the vacume, Trust me on this...I have been there on the front lines.

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