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Tar Paper Facts Video

Tar Paper Facts

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk about a little about tar paper and how it is a great weather barrier. Tar paper is being installed on the sides of the shed I am building.

Tar paper has been used for well over 100-years as a highly effective weather barrier. It is waterproof and work under any type of siding or brick. It will keep your OSB or framing dry from any water that gets behind the exterior finish. It is affordable and effective. Tar paper is time-tested and it works. Installation is simple and easy.

On other remodeling jobs where I have taken apart some of the exterior, I have found tar paper that is 80, 90 or 100-years old, it may be brittle now, but it is still water repellant. The wood behind the tar paper was as dry as the day the house was built.

Tar paper really works. There are some other newer weather barriers out there, and tar paper might not be the latest, but it still is worth a look on your next project.


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