Vinyl Siding Offers Definite Advantages

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  1. AnythingBut
    June 4, 2012

    The problem with vinyl siding is that while it's easy to ignore one house that has it, once the whole neighborhood has it, it looks like a trailer park. My parents neighborhood was one of those idyllic 1950s Levittown-like places when I was growing up. Now it's covered with plastic and looks like a tacky nightmare. The lob-sided additions intended to "upgrade" many of the houses don't help either. Some of the houses have meticulously maintained, shimmery plastic, while others are coated with green slime; both look terrible. With the additions, they are now too close together, making the siding even more of a fire hazard than it normally is. I know scraping paint is a PIA, but anything, brick (even some fake brick), stone, stucco, Hardiplank or just stained wood would be better than flimsy plastic.

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