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Vinyl Siding Over Concrete Block

DEAR TIM: How does one install vinyl siding over concrete block? Is this even possible? I assume wood lathing or furring would be installed on top of the block and then the vinyl siding nailed to these strips of wood. We have a small concrete block garage and would like to have it sided with vinyl to match the house. What about color fade in vinyl siding? Donna C., Lumberville, PA

DEAR DONNA: You are 100 percent correct. The trick is to install wood strips that are one and one-half inches thick so the vinyl siding nail has enough wood to sink into. You will have to install insect screening at the bottom of the wood strips near the ground to stop flying insects from building nests in the cozy space between the siding and the concrete block.

How do you install vinyl siding on a concrete block wall?

Resist the temptation to install a horizontal wood strip near the ground that touches the vertical furring strips. This horizontal wood strip will block any water that might get behind the vinyl siding panels. These wood strips should be made from treated lumber as rain water will splash up and get the bottoms of the wood strips wet.

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Vinyl siding colors are now almost limitless and the best vinyl siding will rarely fade much over time. You can revitalize vinyl siding by simply washing it as you would your car. Use liquid dish soap and wash your siding from time to time using a large sponge or a rag. The mechanical action of you rubbing the siding removes all dirt. When rinsed with clear water, the vinyl siding color looks as good as new.


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