Water in Heating Ducts

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  1. Naomi MacQueen
    August 4, 2012

    I am having a serious problem with this same issue. We have pumped over 2300 gallons out of our floor vents. How will this trench prevent water from draining down to the weeping tile which is higher then vents. Our house is the lowest point of our yard and we don't have a way to flow water away since it travels back to the foundation. We have a bungalow style home with a walkout basement and the whole yard is 4 feet above That??? Please we are desperate

    • Tim Carter
      January 11, 2013

      Naomi, you need to schedule a 15-Minute call with me.

  2. Ron
    January 6, 2013

    Tim, I had this problem too. A combo of foundation sealer (ThoroSeal, their best stuff in a green bag applied 2x, and I used their liquid chemical additive for best results) and replacing the drain tile outside the house (gravel surrounding it was nearly 100% plugged up is what I found out) seems to have finally fixed it. I knew where the water was coming in (roughly) so that helped a bit. There is a company that will seal the duct work from the inside, they may just be local to me but FWIW there may be others out there, and they may be cheaper than relocating the duct work to the attic if their process actually works. The before and after picture on their site look pretty good.


    On to my current problem: Not only is my duct work in the slab, but the builders routed the heat from the duct work to where the water lines enter near the bathtub to keep the lines from freezing, since the bathroom is along an outside wall. The problem is that heat rises up and melts the winter snow on the roof for the recess / wall cavity the bathtub is in at the very front of the house (more in a bit). The condensation that forms on the interior of the roof then drips down the inside front of the exterior clapboard. It is not a huge problem, but if we have a heavy snow winter, it can lead to water damage because it has been doing this for 20 years now (I never really understood the problem until about a year or 2 ago, and initially thought it was simply a roof leak (new roof done 7 years ago), and for the first 5 years didn't know I even had a problem).

    Can you think of any way to keep that heat from rising up ? I have a few ideas but won't bounce those off of you as to not bias you. I do need much more attic insulation, but the heat itself travel up the uninsulated stud spaces along the exterior wall.

    thx ... Ron

  3. Ann
    January 14, 2013

    Hi, our pipes were almost frozen this morning so I turned on the bathtub at a trickle placed a bucket in there to catch the water for toilets. We went to church. Hours later the bathtub was over flown and water was running down my heater vent. Ever since the other side of the house the vents are blowing cold air instead of warm. It's below 20s out side. How do we get rid of the water? Do you think it's frozen? There is a crawl space. Who do we call or can we do this ourselves. It's a manufactured home we are renting.

    • Tim Carter
      January 14, 2013

      Ann, you call the owner first. Then you call a heating serviceman to get heat going again. You tell the owner he's got to do what's necessary so that the pipes don't freeze. NEVER leave a house with water running. What a mistake that was, but I'm sure you realize that now.

  4. Zeke Wilde
    February 6, 2013

    Hi, our plumbing was backed up and water ran over from toilets and filled heat ducts in both bathrooms in mobile home. No heat comes out from either vent now? What should we do? Thanks

    • Tim Carter
      February 24, 2013

      Empty them and sanitize.

  5. Kera
    February 13, 2013

    I closed on my home november 2012. Recently I began noticing my home smelled like stale water and that several of the walls has substantial condensation, and just about all the windows in my home are heavily condensated.
    I am in the process of having the roof replaced even though my provate home inspector said the roof was oaky and should last me about 5+ years......the roofing company went around the enitre house and the city inspector yesterday they told me they believe that there may be water in the ducts of my home, which is on a slab. where do I begin with this....who do I call to verify this? By the way I live in Michigan.

    • Tim Carter
      February 24, 2013

      Stick a wet-dry vac hose down the ducts. Turn it on. See what you get out.

  6. Katie
    January 12, 2014

    My friend has a serious water issue in her rented home. I walk in and it feels damp. She knows she's had a problem with water problems in her vents before but I think the owner just sweet talks them too much and she thinks its ok. I was In her room tonight and heard water bubbling and making a lot of noise in her floor vents. What do I do or tell her?!

  7. dbrecheisen
    August 17, 2014

    I live in a pre fab home and I noticed standing water in my bathroom vent and some in my kitchen vent. I grabbed the shopvac and sucked out a bucket and a half of water from one of the vents. The air had been on for two months straight and my husband is insisting it's condensation. Is that possible. I am very worried about mold I have a child very allergic to it and in my opinion is showing signs of allergies that could be from this. Please tell me if this is normal and how I can fix it. I cleaned them with bleach but only what I could reach . Thanks

    • Tim Carter
      August 21, 2014

      It is not normal. Plumbing vent pipes are supposed to be tilted so any condensation runs eventually to the sewer or septic line.

  8. Sheila
    November 3, 2014

    My house is on a concrete slab and lately when it rains, I hear water rushing under the heater vents, but the vents are dry inside. It's starting to make me crazy. What can I do?

    • Tim Carter
      November 3, 2014

      Make sure all downspout water from your roof is piped far away from your home. Be sure NO drainage water is flowing towards your home. Capture it and REDIVERT it with one of my Linear French Drains. Get my Linear French Drain DVD!

  9. April
    March 12, 2015

    I live in a trailer and recently only one of my vents from my heat pump keeps getting water in it. We used a shop vac and sucked out a lot of water but it keeps coming back. You can hear the water dripping into the vent even when the heat pump is not running. What do I need to do to fix this? Please help!!

  10. Jackie
    May 27, 2015

    I got a washer earlier and the water rods weren't connected after the washer was placed. I happened to turn the washer on unknowing about the rods and water ran all over the floor for about 5 minutes into my floor air vent. Will this cause any major problems?

  11. Loretta
    July 26, 2015

    Tim, I have a house that was built in the 1900s. Last year it seems an artesian well opened up in the basement and now I have continuous running water in my basement. I had to call the fire department and my insurance company only gave me $1500 to fix the problem. I had several contractors in to look at it and none of them had seen that much water. One installed a sub pump and I burned up a few motors because of all the water. Now I have 2 large pumps that run continuously and Jack my electric bill way up. What do you suggest I do? I need to prepare my house to sell, but I can't sell it in this condition. My father told me to just let the bank take it, but I don't want to file bancruptcy.

  12. Lorna
    August 28, 2015

    My boyfriend and his family is living in a old trailer everything sounds similar than everybodies problems with water in their floor vent. I'm worried for them. They need a perfessional to come & check it out, the only problem their finance ain't good. What can I do to help them?

  13. rimsha
    December 12, 2015

    Tim im glad that you respond to the people very quickly! My problem is that we moved in 2 years ago into a house that is buitk for 20-30 yrs. And the heating vents have water in them, it flooded tye whole laundry room. I put the dryer in the vent to dry out the water but the whole vebt was dried out except water was still running. I dont know if there is a pipe that cracked or some other problem. There is not a lot of soil in our area. I am really stressed abd desperate. Pls help. Thank you!

  14. aref
    February 6, 2016

    my house build on 2005 i start notice water drip from air duckt defuser (air supply) at the lining room and master bath what could be happend

  15. Jerri
    March 10, 2016

    I am currently renting a single story home built in 1962. There is a hill in the backyard and we have been experiencing heavy rains the last few days. I noticed the home has been smelling more "moldy" but last night I heard water sloshing all through-out the house once the heater kicked on and finally after searching frantically I looked down in the floor vent and it was at least 3 to 4 inches of water. After contacting maintenance they said they wouldn't be able to get out until the rain subsides which won't be for another 3 whole days!!! That can't be good, right?! I am really concerned about mold. I have 3 kids and would hate to have to pack up and move. He also said it wouldn't be worth it to use a dry-vac because it would just fill right back up !!!

  16. Sher
    May 23, 2016

    I have water dripping down from all my ac/heat vents. I live in an apt and my vents are right below the ceiling. Is it possible for there to be holes in the duct work?

  17. Bryan
    October 16, 2016

    The drain hose from my washer came loose and water drained into the forced air vents, is there a drainage system in a typical forced air vents that would prevent standing water from staying in the vent?

    • Tim Carter
      February 15, 2017


      Just vacuum it out with a shop vac.

  18. Amy Smith
    November 29, 2016

    I bought a condo unit that is on the ground floor and has heating ducts in the concrete slab. since I moved in 2 years ago, at the end of each November--the heaviest rain month in Seattle and throughout the winter months, I hear gallons of sloshing water in my heating ducts. My condo association is stating this is my problem to fix. But I argue that the water is coming from improper drainage of rain water on the condo property and the condo association needs to pay for the fix.

    I need a formal report from a reputable company that explains why I have gallons of water in my heating ducts and where the water is coming from. I have called construction companies, but no one will provide me with a written report documenting the problem. Any suggestions about who I can call to get a report? Please help!

    • Li a
      February 15, 2017

      I am having this exact same problem with my condo. Did you ever get a reply?

  19. Rosalyn
    December 6, 2016

    Hi Tim,
    I believe the subject you spoke about is exactly what is happening in our house and would really like to know the type of professional we should call in to fix this. Just to make sure, we too hear trickle of water sipping through our heating vent that is located on the floor on the side of our house. How much is really involved and approx cost you think something like this would cost us. Let say exactly same scenario you described on this blog. Thank you so much in advance. Just desperate to fix this problem.

    • Tim Carter
      February 15, 2017

      I have links above in the column as to who to call. BE SURE you purchase my DVD and have them install the Linear French Drain as deep as possible. The bottom of the trench needs to be LOWER than the ducts. You may need one of my phone consults first.

  20. Sue Jensen
    December 24, 2016

    I own a 2 story, 25 year old house with a full, heated basement. I just noticed water dripping form the heat ducts closes to the gas furnace in the basement. When I pushed up on the duct, a massive amount of water poured out of a small hole in the caulking between two pieces of duct work. What is causing this? How do I fix it?

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