Window Film – It Works Well

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  1. John
    January 24, 2013

    Hi Tim,

    I just read your article and it is clear that you are very knowledgeable in this field.  I was hoping you can help me understand something.  I live in a high rise apartment building that uses double pane windows with a UV filter.  Recently, management of the building noticed that from outside the building, one of the windows in my apartment was a different color than all the other windows in the building.  From outside, all the windows have a very light green color to them.  Whereas one of my windows was a medium to dark blue.  I was skeptical but when I went outside to check it out, I saw that indeed one of my windows was clearly a different color from the rest of the building.  After some troubleshooting, they realized that the window was installed inside out.  Normally, the UV filter should be on the outside of the apartment but in this case since it was installed inside out, the UV filter was inside the apartment.  My question to you is would this mean that since the UV filter was "reversed" that no UV was being blocked?  And in fact, would it be possible that it actually made the UV coming into my apt worse as in the UV was magnified?  Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  

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