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100% Acrylic Latex Paint & Primer – Manufacturers

100 percent Acrylic Latex House Paints and Compatible Primers

Following is a list of 10 manufacturers of 100 percent acrylic exterior house paints. All of them make a compatible primer. These are the paints you must get for a superior painting experience. Do not accept substitutes! Beware of paints that simply state "acrylic" paint on the label. Did you know that a manufacturer can put a small amount of acrylic resin in the paint and then add additional vinyl acetate or other lesser quality resins and STILL call the paint an "Acrylic Paint"? You have to be careful out there.

Martin Senour:

Top Coat: Platinum Exterior Latex
Primer: T.P.S. Exterior Latex Primer

Dutch Boy:

Top Coat: Dirt Fighter Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex
Primer: Acrylic Latex Multi-Purpose Primer Sealer

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Fuller O'Brien:

Top Coat: Weather King™ II
Primer: Weather King™ II Exterior Primer & Stain Blocker


Top Coat: Endurance
Primer: PrimeCoat


Top Coat: Supreme Acrylic House Paint
Primer: Supreme Acrylic Bonding Primer

MAB Paints:

Top Coat: Sea Shore/Four Seasons House Paint
Primer: Sea Shore/Four Seasons Exterior Latex Primer


Top Coat: 100% Acrylic Low Lustre
Primer: Acrylic Starter

Pratt & Lambert:

Top Coat: Accolade
Primer: Suprime


Top Coat: Overcoat House Paint
Primer: Primecoat

Sherwin Williams:

Top Coat: A-100
Primer: A-100

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5 Responses to 100% Acrylic Latex Paint & Primer – Manufacturers

  1. Hey Tim,

    I am currently restoring a two story colonial home that was built in 1910. I have the siding down to bare wood and have put blopentine on the bare wood to preserve and recondition the wood. I am currently trying to weigh my options on what I can use with the reconditioned blopentine siding as far as a primer. I would like to do an 100% acrylic paint over the primer but I am trying to weigh in on would it be better to go with a oil based primer now also for even better protection or should I go with a latex primer??? Any suggestion?

  2. Hi! Made the mistake of buying a high quality but looks like "non breathable" paint. The cedar siding was painted and now there are large pockets "bubbles" which means of course water behind the cedar siding. Nevertheless I took a scraper and in certain areas was coming off in sheets. So now I have 2 questions.
    1.) what would be the best paint/primer? also can I use linseed oil as a base?
    2.) when you paint should you seal the bottom of the cedar siding?

    Thanks, Larry

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