2014 Treasure Hunt Rules

The 2014 AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt has concluded.
You can still play, but it's now past the deadline for winning prizes.

These are the official rules for the AsktheBuilder.com 2014 Treasure Hunt.

The AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt is VOID where prohibited.

It's also VOID on all the planets in the solar system - except Earth - and on any constellation in the Milky Way galaxy.

If you live on the moon that orbits Earth, you can be a valid Treasure Hunt player.

The AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt is NOT VOID in the Andromeda Galaxy. The aliens there LOVE playing - you will too.

The Treasure Hunt is operating under the laws of the state of New Hampshire, USA.

There is NO COST to enter or play in the AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt.

You do NOT have to buy anything to enter.

The AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt begins on February 18, 2014 and runs until March 10, 2014.

On random days in that time period, players will be directed to different webpages at AsktheBuilder.com that contain links to websites other than AsktheBuilder.com. The players will be required to visit the other website pages via the links from AsktheBuilder.com and study the information at the other website pages.

After visiting the pages at the other websites, the players must come back to the different pages at AsktheBuilder.com and answer simple questions about what they saw at the pages at the other websites. Those players that answer the questions correctly become eligible to win prizes.

Each submission by a player with the correct answers for a specific day of the Treasure Hunt counts as a valid entry. Only one correct submission per day of the Treasure Hunt will be accepted. Duplicate entries will be rejected.

Example: If there end up being SIX random days where players are required to visit other website pages, and the days will be numbered (Day One, Day Two, Day Three, etc.), a player at the end of the Treasure Hunt can have no more than six entries - assuming that they answered the questions correctly each of the six days.

There are two levels of prizes:

  • Secondary Prize Winners (numerous 20-50, changes as Treasure Hunt continues and sponsors add prizes)
  • Grand Prize Winner (one winner only)

Secondary Prize Winners:

Various products have been donated by Treasure Hunt sponsors to be offered as prizes. One of each of these prizes will be awarded RANDOMLY to those players that have at least one correct entry during the Treasure Hunt.

At the conclusion of the Treasure Hunt, all correct and valid entries will be combined and random names will be selected for each prize. The prizes will be selected randomly as well.

These prizes will be shipped directly to the winners on or before April 30, 2014. The winners of the prizes will be required to supply their addresses to facilitate shipping. The winners hold harmless Tim Carter, and Tim Carter Builder, Inc., of any claims resulting from injuries or accidents incurred while using any of the prizes.

Grand Prize Winner Entry Requirements:

Grand Prize Winner must live in the lower 48 contiguous states in the USA. He/she must play / participate in each Day of the Treasure Hunt. The Grand Prize winner must answer all the questions correctly AND must submit a 150-word essay describing why they deserve Tim Carter to come to their house for a day.

Those who enter to win the Grand Prize are encouraged to submit three photos of problems at their home as well as a short video. The photos and video are NOT required.

A panel of at least three judges will reviews any and all of the 150-word essays, photos and videos. The judges will select three finalists. The decision of the judges will be final.

The three finalists essays, and any photos or videos submitted, will be published on a page at AsktheBuilder.com on or before March 25, 2014. At that time, anyone in the world can vote for one of the Grand Prize finalists to determine the winner. Voting for the winner will close at 12:00 pm Eastern Time March 31, 2014.

Grand Prize winners will be required to sign a video release allowing Tim Carter to tape them and their home when he visits them. The Grand Prize winner agrees that he/she will receive no future compensation and that the advice offered by Tim Carter during his visit is payment in full for the rights to tape and publish said videos on any platform that currently exists or may be created in the future.

When you submit your entry for the Grand Prize, you grant Tim Carter permission to publish your essay and any photos or video you submit. You agree that you get no compensation for doing this. Your street address, email address and phone number will NOT BE SHARED OR PUBLISHED. The only thing that would appear, should you be one of the three finalists, would be your name, city and state.

Tim Carter will contact the Grand Prize Winner the first week of April to set up a time for his visit to their home. The value of the Grand Prize is $100.00.

The value of the Secondary Prizes can be seen by visiting the Treasure Hunt Prize Page.

The odds of winning can't be determined at this time because it's unknown the number of entries, the number of correct answers, and the actual number of random days players will be required to play the Treasure Hunt.

The Grand Prize is only available to anyone living and residing in the contiguous 48 United States. Secondary prizes can be won by anyone living anywhere in the world.