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February 18, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips


It's time to hunt for treasure!

It's FUN and it's FREE.

Yes, no cost, no tricks, just FUN and you could win some amazing prizes.

More on the prizes in a minute.

I've been telling you for over a month that today we'd start the 2014 AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt.

The day has come. Your sailing orders for today are far below, but do NOT skip to them.

It's VERY IMPORTANT you read this newsletter first in its entirety. Thanks for doing that.

The AsktheBuilder.com 2014 Treasure Hunt starts today, February 18, 2014, and runs until March 10, 2014.

Three weeks of FUN and ADVENTURE!


But before we get started, I want to give a huge shout out and THANKS to the current sponsors of the Treasure Hunt.

Why current? Well, if you're a company that wants lots of traffic to your website, you can STILL sign up to be a sponsor. Just email me. HURRY as time is running out.

But for now, the following list of great companies have made the Treasure Hunt possible.

Please, please visit their websites and THANK THEM using their Contact forms. Tell them you came from Ask the Builder so it makes sense to them.

I urge you to tell them you appreciate their support. If you do this, I'm sure we'll have MORE fun events like this Treasure Hunt.

Once again, take just a few moments to visit these companies and thank them. You may be SHOCKED at all the cool products you see!

LE Johnson Hardware - Doors that Disappear!

Fein Power Tools - German Engineered!

Therma-Tru Doors - What I Have on My Home!

PC Epoxy - Fix Stuff with Great Epoxy

Sakrete - Concrete Products I've Used for Decades

CordLatch - Keep Cords Together!


What is the Treasure Hunt?

If you're a new subscriber in the past year, you're in for a surprise. If you're a seasoned subscriber remember last year?  I sent you off to just one "island" to look for treasure.

This year, you're going on a three-week adventure where you're going to visit multiple "islands".

Each "island" in the Treasure Hunt is a website page of one of the sponsors. Once you arrive at the page, you need to STUDY it, looking for clues so you can answer simple questions.

You'll answer the questions on a page at my website where I give you the destination links - the "islands" you'll be visiting.

It's REALLY EASY and it's FUN.

It's FREE to play the Treasure Hunt. You don't have to pay a red cent. Nothing. Nada.

Wait until you read some of the answers in the easy multiple choice questions. I think those will make you laugh pretty hard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the Treasure Hunt spans three weeks, and we have multiple "islands" to visit, I'll be sending you emails on RANDOM DAYS over the next few weeks with new sailing instructions. So WATCH for these emails!!!!

The subject line might be:

 AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt - Day TWO Sailing Orders

Why is it important to open the emails and play?

Each of the days you play and submit the correct answers, you get another chance to win prizes. It's like being at a church raffle where you buy MULTIPLE raffle tickets. Get it? The more raffle tickets you buy at the church festival, the MORE chances you have to win.

But the AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt is FREE. You don't have to buy anything. You just have to play.

The Treasure Hunt Prizes

CLICK HERE to see the current list of prizes for this year's Treasure Hunt. Understand I'll be ADDING MORE prizes as the Treasure Hunt continues.

You should click through to each of the prizes and LOOK AT THEM. Some of them are sweet.

Realize this year there are going to be MANY WINNERS. Last year, there was just one winner. This year, there will be at least 20-50 prize winners!

The Treasure Hunt Official Rules

It's important to realize I need to obey laws and regulations, so I was required to publish official rules.

If I didn't do that, the New Hampshire Attorney General might get a little upset. It's a good idea, but the rules are really BORING.

Please do not let the rules scare you. The NH AG made me put them up or else. Jeeeeeeeesh.....

CLICK HERE to read the AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt Official Rules.

Are You Ready to Play the Treasure Hunt?

Do you have any questions? Is anything unclear?

Before you respond to me with questions, why don't you just go look at the sailing instructions for Day One and see how EASY it is to do.

Cast off and go have a blast here on Day One!

CLICK HERE for your Day One Treasure Hunt Sailing Orders.

Good Luck to you and I hope you have a great time!


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