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2018 L E Johnson Scavenger Hunt Game

Step One: CLICK the following links and STUDY what you see. When you get to the page at the LE Johnson website, be SURE TO CLICK the photo to get it to ENLARGE.


Step Two: Answer the following questions. After you click SUBMIT, be sure to SCROLL UP so you can see your score!


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  1. I worked at a wholesale distributor of building materials, in days gone by, and we distributed Johnson Hardware, so I am intimately familiar with their FANTASTIC products. (yea, I may be overdoing it, but....) I was finishing a 2nd story multi-use room in an addition we put on, it is 8'x16' and I didn't want to lose floor space to a swinging door. I put in a Johnson pocket door, with their tricycle rollers, so i could use a real wood panel door without worrying about weight carrying capacity. Be sure to get the little bits of debris out of the track before installing the doors so,when done, the doors will simply glide in the track. one of the best things I ever did. Now I keep thinking of doing this to the door in my postage stamp bathroom (6'x10'). Current door swings into the room. I could surface mount a sliding door of somesort to the hallway wall.

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