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3/8 Drywall on Ceiling

Joe Dworak, who's doing some work, I assume, on his house in Rosemont, CA, has an interesting question about 3/8-inch drywall:

"Can 3/8 drywall be used on a ceiling mounted to furring strips 24 inches on center?"

Here's my answer - note it's two parts:

Joe, yes you can use 3/8-inch drywall on ceilings like this.

But would I do it? NO WAY! There's too great a chance of sag.

The real answer lies in the opens in a new windowGypsum Construction Handbook published by USG.

It's the BIBLE of everything drywall and plaster. In this great book you'll find the minimum recommendations for installing 3/8-inch drywall, including fasteners, spacing, etc.


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