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3/8 Drywall on Ceiling

Joe Dworak, who's doing some work, I assume, on his house in Rosemont, CA, has an interesting question about 3/8-inch drywall:

"Can 3/8 drywall be used on a ceiling mounted to furring strips 24 inches on center?"

Here's my answer - note it's two parts:

Joe, yes you can use 3/8-inch drywall on ceilings like this.

But would I do it? NO WAY! There's too great a chance of sag.

The real answer lies in the Gypsum Construction Handbook published by USG.

It's the BIBLE of everything drywall and plaster. In this great book you'll find the minimum recommendations for installing 3/8-inch drywall, including fasteners, spacing, etc.


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