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4 Way Switch Quick Start Guide


To work with 4 way switches, you have to fully understand 3 Way Switches. Be sure you review my 3 Way Switch Quick Start Guide!

I’ve rated this project three hammers out of five because you do need to have a good understanding of how all the switches in this setup work.


Realize a 4-way switch can ONLY work in between two 3-way switches. That’s mission critical. You can have any number of 4-way switches in the circuit, but they all must be between the 3-way switches.

Watch the video below unless you’ve come here from YouTube having already watched it.

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  • Turn ON Light in Room or Hallway
  • Have helper turn off circuit breaker so you see light bulb go OUT or OFF.
  • Remove light switch cover plate.
  • Unscrew light switch from electrical box and pull it out of box - Do NOT touch screws on side of switch!
  • Double check power is OFF using voltage meter.
  • Suck out dust and debris from inside of electric box with wet-dry vacuum.
  • Check insulation on all wires. Look for cracks, splits or melted insulation. Tape defective wires with electrical tape OR call in a professional electrician for help.


  • DO NOT SKIP FOLLOWING STEPS if working on an existing set of switches that work perfectly. If switches are NOT working correctly at this time, follow SAME advice below:
  • Use painter’s tape to make numbered tags for each wire connected to existing switch.  Mark wires as #1, #2, #3 and #4. Each 4-way switch has four wires connecting to it.
  • Use permanent Sharpie marker to make numbers on face of switch that correspond with the tagged wires. This allows you to reinstall wires on same screws!
  • Tape quick video using smart phone or take photos of switches BEFORE you remove wires. Video and photos may come in handy!
  • If current 4-way switch is NOT working properly, numbering the wires ensures you don’t reconnect them to the same screws preventing Victory!
  • Remove wires from old switch and install new switch. 
  • Only 5/8 inch or 15mm of bare wire should be exposed. Trim wire or remove more insulation to get to this point.
  • Facing the screw, the wire loop should be bent in a clockwise direction so as the screw is tightened the screw movement closes the end of the wire around the screw. If you make the loop counter-clockwise, the loop will OPEN up as you tighten the screw on the switch body.


  • Optional: Install a band of electrical tape over body of switch isolating screw heads.
  • Reinstall switch into electric box keeping ground and neutral wires away from screws on sides of switch.
  • Reinstall cover plate.
  • Turn on circuit breaker and test new switch.
  • Celebrate your Victory!


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