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Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Care and Maintenance

repair acrylic and fiberglass tubs

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Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Care TIPS

The care of acrylic, fiberglass and gel-coated plumbing fixtures is not difficult. The thing that causes the most problems is that people do not clean soon enough.

Often a person will wait until a heavy soap buildup or mineral deposit has occurred. When this happens, cleaning with the recommended cleaners becomes a difficult, if not impossible, task.

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One of the biggest issues is impatience. People want instant results and they act on impulse. They'll grab just about any cleaner and start to work. Make a mistake and you can permanently scratch your acrylic or fiberglass tub.

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Some very popular major brand cleaners contain abrasives. These will scratch your tub. You must read the label. It's often in fine print about the abrasives!

Oxygen Bleach

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A Safe Organic Cleaner!

To safely remove soap scum, body oils, mildew and other grim, I recommend Stain Solver. Stain Solver is a certified organic oxygen bleach Made in the USA with USA ingredients. It's a pure powder you mix with hot tap water.

It takes just a minute or two of stirring to dissolve the powder. Once dissolved, you add this to a spray bottle and spritz the surfaces of the acrylic, fiberglass, or gel-coated fixture. Keep the surface wet with the solution for about fifteen minutes. The longer you allow the Stain Solver to work, the less you have to scrub.

Use a new 3M Dobie pad to clean the surfaces. Be careful about what you use to clean with because some scouring pads can scratch the finish!

Clean the Tub Weekly

The solution for a gleaming tub is really very simple. Why not decide to clean the tub or shower area every other Saturday (or other "off" day) while you are showering? Make it a routine item on your to-do list.

If you commit to this, you will find that it takes no more than 3 - 5 minutes to completely clean a tub or shower area. The reason tubs and showers are HARD to clean is because you may wait too long to do it.

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Kitchen & Bath Cleaner & Polish

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Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Repair Videos

Watch these videos. You can do your own acrylic fiberglass tub care and repair.

Repairing Scratches and Nicks

If you get a deep scratch, a nick or a divot in your acrylic or fiberglass tub it can often be repaired. There are professionals who do this and there are DIY products.

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Here are some common DIY repair kits:

Fiberglass, Porcelain & Plastic Repair Kit

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32 Responses to Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Care and Maintenance

  1. I have a three piece unit. I have cleaned it and need to put a wax on. I am not sure what I should wax with. Soap and dirt just stickes to the bottom. I'm tired of cleaning it every other day. Maybe you can help me.
    Thanks so much.


  2. I have what I think is a rectangular shaped fiberglass garden soaking tub that is undermounted using tile. It is 20 years old but in fabulous shape (used infrequently) I would like to retile or use stone for a new tub decking look. Some have suggested I just get a new tub because the life of these tubs is limited if I retile/re-stone. Is that necessary. Seems like a waste when this one seems so solid, still has a nice sheen..and not stains or stratches. I would love some advice

  3. I like your site. You addressed my question, however, what kind of wax would I use to treat a non-chipped cast iron sink? It seems to attract dark scratches but they always come clean. You did not recommend repairing it (like a relgazing) in your article. There are no chips, etc. Would a wax restore the finish enough to not look dirty? Thanks, Vicki

  4. I installed a new Acrylic shower and surround and noticed on the instructions to only use cleaners that are safe on acrylic. As an experiment I have been using Turtle-wax car wash soap once a week to clean the shower and glass doors. I squirt some soap on a long handled soft bristle brush I found in the automotive section at Walmart. So far this has worked great. And car wash soap is much milder than dish washing soap. As hard as our water is in this area I am really impressed

  5. How do you remove a buildup of soap scum from an acrylic tub?

    The tub is 7 years old and is cleaned regularly - weekly.

    It seems to be stubborn stain hard to remove.
    Please mention products to use on this tub.


  7. I want to take a special detox bath for a medical condition that I have. It used Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar as well as some special calcium bentonite clay. Would this harm my bathtub? (Whirlpool - acrylic) I don't need the jets, I'm thinking that would not be good, but what about the actual tub?

    • Very carefully with a sharp straight-edged razor blade. I also have a column here on my website that tells you the household chemical to use to dissolve the small about of residual silicone. Use my Search Engine to locate it.

  8. sorry...I meant, if we wanted to use epsom salts for bathing for dry skin would it be safe for the finish of the acrylic bathfitter insert?

  9. I have acrylic bath tubs. You mentioned in previous posts that I can wax the finish. What wax should I use? Also, is a soft sponge with liquid clothing detergent (Tide Free and Gentle) safe to use?

    Thank you

    • Lori, any high-quality car wax is great. Realize it will make the tub SLIPPERY!!!!! Use a high quality rubber mat to avoid falls. Any soap is safe so long as there are no abrasives in it.

  10. Hi,
    I have a full surround that is about 20 years old and in great condition with the exception of being VERY dull. We installing new vanity and tile floor but I don't have the heart to discard the surround since it's still in great shape. What is the best way to bring back the shine?

  11. The shower in my RV is stained a brownish colour. There is a white line where the hose rests again the shower wall or where I left my shampoo bottles. Below the decorative lip to the floor of the shower it still is the original white aswell. It seems to be only where the light from the sun dome reaches the acrylic. Anything I can do other than replace the whole unit?

  12. I have a new Kohler shower that has some damage. It's fiberglass with a coating on it. The coating is not gel coat - it appears to be some sort of plastic. When I experiment with paints and gel coats it causes the area surrounding the damage to wrinkle and lift. How can I fix it?

  13. We just moved to a home with acrylic one piece shower/tub. It appears the previous owner used some abrasive cleaner as the shine is gone and looks like swirls in the surround. It's there a way to restore the shine and get rid of the swirl marks? This unit is in great shape except for thIs. Any suggestions?

  14. Thanks for mentioning that the biggest problem cleaning fiberglass is impatience. If I was going to clean fiberglass I would want to do it correctly. I'll need to make sure I am speaking with people that I know how to clean fiberglass when I am learning about caring for it.

  15. Hi,
    I was reading about: "Acrylic, Fiberglass Tub Care and Maintenance" included in your website and noticed a mistake in the article.
    In the last paragraph of the introduction of the article the word "fin" is missing an "e" to say "fine print". "Some very popular major brand cleaners ... It's often in fin print about the abrasives!
    So, not a big deal and just letting you know!
    Thanks for the information, it was a great help!

  16. What is the best product to clean a gel coat shower/tub enclosure? The bottom of the tub is getting dirty spots. Is bleach or Tilex damaging?

  17. Acrylic or fiberglas or gel deep soaking tub.
    Love it.
    However, we took advice to pour hot water on buildup, and I think the person who recommended was talking about a porcelain tub.
    Grayish round spots now, several.
    Our only tub and distressing. We love the tub.
    Is there any sort of enamel I can dab with a sponge over these grayish areas to make them less noticeable?
    The bathroom is a beauty, black pebble tile on walls and floor, the tub brilliant white...American Standard...

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