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ActvArmr Light Duty Multipurpose Work Gloves

I did an extensive test this past weekend of some great work gloves. When I needed a break from editing videos, I went out and cleaned up the yard. The gloves are made by Ansell. The brand is ActivArmr. That's not a typo.

I was wearing the light duty multi-purpose gloves. They have breathable nylon for the back of your hand while the palm side has a foam nitrile coating. The best way to describe this coating is it's like a thin coating of shiny rubber. The coating extends up the sides of the fingers and completely coats the finger and thumb tips.

The nitrile compound is waterproof, but the nylon is not. If you're handling wet materials but it's not raining, your hands should stay warm and dry. Mine did when I tested them.

The gloves also come in medium and heavy-duty models. They were very comfortable, and I was able to accurately push the small buttons on my handheld ham radio. That's the ultimate test of dexterity for me. I'd rate these gloves five hammers out of five.

You can purchase them right now by clicking this link to Amazon.com.

Below is the video I shot about these gloves.


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