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Affiliate Sales Program Requirements

Do you want AsktheBuilder to become an affiliate to sell your product?

If so, we have a few requirements. The first and foremost is that you have to forward a $2,500 retainer that we work against as we send you qualified sales or leads.

The reason we ask for a retainer is simple. Any new customer who buys traditional ad space at AsktheBuilder.com pays us in advance. Credit is a privilege, not a right. You would be a new customer.

Furthermore, we already know we will deliver the traffic. With over 37,000 unique visitors per day, it is just a matter of how many sales/leads per day you will get. Just as you put a deposit down for custom-ordered materials like eyeglasses, kitchen cabinets, perhaps a custom door, you need to place a deposit with us so we can deliver these custom pre-qualified leads.

This retainer policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

In closing, please realize that traditional affiliate deals, where we get paid after the transaction has occurred requires, AsktheBuilder.com to assume all of the risk:

  1. We incur expenses to set up the campaign.
  2. We give up valuable ad inventory.
  3. We send traffic away from our site that might have clicked some other ad.
  4. We deliver high-quality traffic.

To do all of these things on the hope of getting paid is simply unacceptable. If you want to enter into a business arrangement with us, then you have to share some of the risk.

Tim Carter
Founder / AsktheBuilder.com

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