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Air Filters Video

Would you like to have clean, crisp, pollutant free air in your home? Using the right furnace filter can help the air inside your house. The standard fiberglass furnace filter is more of a rock catcher. The spacing between the fibers is so large, that most airborne particles travel right through the filter. This type filter is designed to just protect the equipment behind the filter. They do nothing to improve the air quality of your home.

There are disposable filters that can help improve the air quality in your home. They are more expensive then the regular furnace filter. These are pleated paper filters. The filter will trap a lot of dust particles and pollen. The type filter only lasts about three months, then have to be thrown away.

The best filter is a polyester electrostatic filters. These are designed for your furnace and are lifetime filters. When the filter gets dirty, you can clean them with a garden hose. They are more expensive then the other type of filters, but they can pay for themselves in about 18 months.

If you want really clean air in your home, consider getting the lifetime electrostatic filters. They will do the job.


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