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American Standard Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet

American Standard Saybrook

American Standard Saybrook | This is a dandy faucet that can deliver filtered drinking water with the touch of a button. See the end of the faucet with the button? You can pull that down about 16 inches to easily rinse things out or to rinse the sink. CLICK or TAP HERE to get one for your home.

American Standard Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet - Beefy!

I've been a master plumber since age 29 and have installed countless faucets. I decided to switch out my basement kitchen faucet and install the American Standard Saybrook Filtered Faucet.

It was a breeze, but only because I've done lots of jobs like this.

This faucet is well-made and I can tell you it will last for quite a long time. The tip of the faucet is attached to a hose so you can pull it down to easily rinse things out.

Were the Installation Instructions Great?

Honestly, I thought the written installation instructions were lacking. I feel a DIYr that has never put in a faucet before will struggle and get frustrated faster than you can say, "Hand me the basin wrench." The instructions rely on illustrations to try to get you to do everything right, but if you don't know how to interpret the small parts, you'll miss a step.

Did You Have any Leaks?

No. American Standard designed all the hose connections so they have the correct compression washers or o-rings. It was really easy to create a leak-free installation with just an adjustable wrench.

What Tools Did you Need?

I needed the following tools to remove the old faucet and install the new one:

  • plumber's basin wrench
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • 8-inch adjustable wrench - two of them

How Long Did It Take You?

It only took me 90 minutes at a leisurely pace to remove the old sink faucet and have this one operational.

What Important Tips Can You Share?

  1. Read the instructions and try to understand them.
  2. Assemble all the tools you need before you start.
  3. REMOVE the aerator before you turn on the water! Be careful about misplacing the small black washer!
  4. Get a large plastic zip-lock bag and put the manual, the special aerator-removal wrench, and the filter box in the bag. Tape this bag to the side of the sink base cabinet for you, a plumber, or a future homeowner.
American Standard Saybrook

This is the old faucet I was replacing.

American Standard Saybrook

The old faucet is gone and I've cleaned and polished the shelf of the stainless-steel sink. Don't skip this step.

American Standard Saybrook

Here's the finished faucet. I'd recommend this to any family member, friend, or YOU! CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase one now.

Check out my review of the OUTlet. Uh oh. It was a great idea, but they don't always work. Sorry!


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